Video Storytelling

I developed an appreciation for documentary filmmaking in high school. After a few years focused on reporting and writing, I embarked on a formal study of video production. I'm proud to have learned the craft of documentary filmmaking from journalist and filmmaker Christopher Koch. Thus far, I've worked as a contract video producer for news organizations and non-profits.

Veteran Marco Balaguer carves out a niche as a street corner vendor in New York City.

Voters on the street in the nation's capitol react to fiscal cliff deal.

With the use of old tires and other recyclables, Simple Shoes redesigns footwear.

Assault weapons ban won't pass constitutional muster, says second amendment scholar Joyce Lee Malcolm.

Kirk Roos, producer of the documentary film American Herro, chats with Mufak about the availability of watermelon and passports in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.

Students in Maryland are learning and loving the game of lacrosse.

Decorated World War II Veteran Gonzalo Garza faces new battle: Alzheimer's Disease.

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee credits political career to internship with Shirley Chisholm, the country's first black woman to serve in the House.

The Cloud Club, a group of African American pilots in D.C., established an airfield and flight school during World War II.

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